Monday, 3 March 2014

First there was UNi now there's 2-Ni

First there was a new concept in emergency flood lighting with the UNi a high BLF  emergency TC-S flourescent product that over time evolved into UNi+ a new concept LED flood.

Now using a Luxeon M chip it has been re-engineered and relaunched to provide 258 emergency lumens and alongside it  the all new 2-Ni.
A modern alternative to traditional frog eyed  tungsten/lead acid  twinspots,  2-NI boasts impressive emergency output of  345 lumens powered by the much greener battery chemistry  of Nickel Metal Hydride

Easier on the Environment , Easier on the Eye

See it at the May Design Series ExCel London May18-20 2014
Call for a brochure on 01217 0523 84