Friday, 9 September 2011

Philip Payne Launch new website... A new way to share what we do

Philip Payne has re-created its Emergency Lighting website to make finding out about our company and products even easier.  A revised and updated Product page allows visitors to see details and images of our emergency lighting products, and a simple registration gives access to in-depth information and technical specifications detailing design options, installation possibilities and all the current British Standards to which the products adhere.

The re-design of the site allows specifiers and architects to see exactly what they are considering for their projects, and the Philip Payne range is comprehensive enough to offer exactly the right solution to any emergency lighting requirement.

The site is not just a catalogue – we highlight our technical and design expertise that makes us the pre-eminent emergency lighting provider in the UK. New technologies are continually coming on stream and the Philip Payne design team incorporates these into our products allowing us to develop digital control systems and DALI technology, including our unequalled central testing system- Scanlight AT. This communicates via mobile phone technology (GSM) to provide web based and E Mail reporting.

As energy efficiency takes centre stage in lighting briefs, we are pleased to be able to provide highly efficient lighting systems as well as taking care of our own energy efficiency via our Carbon Offsetting programme. Reducing environmental impact is not just a green issue, it is a business and financial imperative in the lighting world.

We hope you explore the site and find what you are looking for. If by any chance you need further help, we are always available to answer those difficult questions where you need an expert in the field to help guide you.

We are part of the F W Thorpe Group of lighting companies, so we have the experience and backing of a major industry leader behind us to allow for research and development to play a major part in our business model. This security gives us the solid base to continue to develop new technologies and products to provide our customers with the best emergency lighting systems available.