Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Manchester United see the light – Philip Payne scores at Old Trafford

When NIKE needed the best exit lighting available for their flagship Old Trafford Megastore, there was only one name on the team sheet. With a pedigree record and low operating costs, the TYKE and SPRITE combination from Philip Payne was irresistible.

The TYKE and SPRITE emergency lighting units are sympathetically designed and comply fully with all current regulation. Philip Payne is noted for supplying the right emergency lighting signage and equipment for a wide variety of demands, and these two units are a valuable and stylish addition to the Old Trafford Megastore.

Made in Britain, designed in Britain, used in a wide variety of venues, the TYKE and SPRITE are a proven combination. With an LED driver and battery pack, the high power LEDs provide exemplary emergency lighting with full DALI functionality and a variety of modes including a test mode for routine safety testing.

Philip Payne are responsible for the emergency exit lighting and signage in a wide variety of hotels, theatres, retail outlets and businesses across the country for a very good reason. They are professional, reliable, robust and up to date with all current BS legislation.

It’s why Philip Payne is proud to call itself the Architects Choice.