Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ARC News

Two new Led products the ARCA and UNI Spot were revealed for the first time. The small dimensions and downlight feature for compatibility with BS5266-10 was of great interest along with our abstract feature board which again demonstrated a multi level building scenario with it’s Perspex avatars and fault simulation buttons it was able fully show the cost effective the SPECTO system.
It powerfully illustrated how electronics can be used to simplify emergency testing and fault reporting with centrally indicated switches at each level and an additional single central indicator that can be located adjacent to support staff at reception or control room to alert maintenance of a defect in safety critical product.
All Philip Payne products can be supplied to operate on the SPECTO platform which has also been designed, developed and is manufactured at our factory in Solihull.  Additionally all Philip Payne products are designed to include full DALI compatibility to meet the increasing demand for controllable Emergency Lighting..   

Arc 2012

We have received some very interesting feed back from ARC 2012 visitors regarding this years stand.Visitors were invited to experience emergency lighting products in use in situ . Of course by definition theses  products are dormant for most of their lives  but unwittingly they take up and can unbalance designed space.